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Unisex Douche/Enema

Unisex Douche/Enema

This kit includes all the elements necessary to use as an enema to clean the colon prior to anal activity. You can also use it to refresh the vagina before or after... Learn More



COLT Anal Douche

Easy-to-use cleaning system designed for comfort and simplicity Dual tips for versatile use EZ squeeze bulb ABS (tips) Rubber (bulb) 3”x .5”/8 cm x 1 cm (small tip) 4”x .75”/10 cm x... Learn More


PF ergoflo impulse - Black

This anal douche is compact and perfect for those unexpected moments. The Impulse which sets up in seconds features a water-tight design for leak-proof performance. Made in the USA of bio-based PVC... Learn More


Clean Stream Blue Douche&Enema Flush Blb

Get a quick and easy cleanse with this simple squeezable personal cleansing bottle. The tip is rigid and slick yet soft with a slight flexibility and a gentle curve. The holes point... Learn More


PF ergoflo director - Black

This anal douche comes with a medical grade contoured bulb featuring air valve technology. This industry-first reduces messy back-flow requiring fewer refills. Director comes with an 8 in. silicone flex-tip nozzle and... Learn More


COLT Advanced Shower Shot

COLT Advanced Shower Shot

Advanced hygienically superior cleaning system features universal adaptor with permanent directional valve that allows user to quickly switch from the faucet or shower to the Advanced Shower Shot. System installs easily in... Learn More



FF Elite Unisex Douche/Enema Black

Getting clean has never been such dirty fun with the Fetish Fantasy Elite Douche/Enema System! Designed to be both pleasurable and practical this silicone water bulb is comfortable easy-to-use and safe for... Learn More
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Clean Stream One-Way Valve Enema Douche

Clean out thoroughly and conveniently with an anal douche that is easy to use travel with and clean up after. A one-way valve reduces messy backflow. The soft PVC material is textured... Learn More


AFC - Ez Clean Enema

AFC - Ez Clean Enema

If you've never tried anal play the EZ-Clean Enema is just what you need to explore the amazing world of anal stimulation. Cleaning up has never been such dirty fun until the... Learn More



FF Begnners Enema

FF Begnners Enema

Make enemas fun again with the Fetish Fantasy Beginner's Squeeze Enema. Designed to be both pleasurable and practical this water bulb and hose attachment is comfortable easy-to-use and safe for beginners. The... Learn More



CleanStream One-Way Valve Douche Set

Choose from three nozzles in this versatile enema set. This all-in-one anal douche kit gives you options. A one-way valve reduces messy backflow to ensure that you have a pleasant experience. The... Learn More
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SI Executive Ass-Istant Cleaning Bulb

Easy to use cleansing bulb features soft rubber tip. Perfect for travel. Learn More
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