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OxBalls Squeeze, Ball Stretcher, Steel

Made from signature Flex-TPR so it is lightweight and compact. The curved design of the inner chamber grips without strangling. Each end is topped with squishy padding to push your nuts down.... Learn More


Sono No.45 - Cockring w/Ball Strap Black

Cock ring with ball strap will give your penis rock hard strength while it provides a firm grip around your scrotum and it also will help prevent premature ejaculation. The TPE material... Learn More


ToF Stainless Steel Ball Crusher

Sometimes slow and steady is the best way to fully appreciate scrotum torment. This thumb-screw style stainless steel ball crusher provides complete control over the pressure on your balls. Lock that sack... Learn More
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OxBalls Z-Balls, Ballstretcher, Black

This multipurpose ring is thick squishy and feels great. Hook it around your sack around the base or both. The Z shape looks badass and the spring-like design gently pushes your balls... Learn More
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OxBalls Balls-T, Ballstretcher Blueballs

This shorter ring is built for high and tight sacks or smaller balls. Made of silicone so it cannot irritate your balls. Features an inside diameter of 1.25 in. Learn More


Masters Magnetize Ball Stretcher

Weighing in at a heavy 7.5 oz this ball-stretcher gets the job done with the force of gravity. Made of stainless steel this heavy ring will pull down on your scrotum to... Learn More


CB Gear 1.5in Snap ball stretcher

CB Gear 1.5in Snap ball stretcher

When wrapped around the scrotum this ball stretcher gives the testicles a tug downward. During sexual activity testicles retreat upward before and during ejaculation. This ball stretcher keeps testicles in place while... Learn More



PF Bull Bag XL 1.5in Ball Stretcher Blk

Part ball stretcher and part ball weight the Bull Bag is two scrotum toys in one! Simply stretch the opening on the top of the Bull Bag and gently release over your... Learn More


Masters Parachute Leather Ball Stretcher

Made from quality leather this parachute wraps around at the base of your balls and secures using 2 snaps. Once put on there are three chains that hang from the parachute and... Learn More


PF Cock + Ball Ring & Stretcher Clear

A unique combination of super stretchy cock ring and ball stretcher. Places a firm hold on your cock while it adds extra heft and weight to your balls. No need to ever... Learn More


Masters Heavy Hitch Ball Stretcher Hook

Test your limits with a unique ball stretcher and two 8 oz weights. Start with a manageable tug by slipping the U portion of the stretcher onto your scrotum above your balls.... Learn More


Strict Ball Stretcher With Leash

Take your pet for a walk with this ball-stretcher and leash set. The adjustable stretcher will wrap around his scrotum and tug down creating a unique sensation that will keep him on... Learn More